When food-conscious event planning meets rustic, voila! you have “Gaucho Ranch – Events and Grill Catering”. Mouth-watering tender grass fed beef cuts, grilled on our wood and charcoal-fired grills on-site and elegantly served to create a unique experience. 

Create an event tailored to your needs. Save time by sending us your preferences, number of guests and location and we will take care of the rest with our automated quotation system.
barbecue catering miami

Gaucho Ranch Catering has everything you need to make your  event a success with world-class Barbecue Catering in Miami!


By developing an elegant yet unique presentation, whether your event is an intimate group barbecue of 25 or a party for 500, your guests will be treated to a truly memorable grilling event, capturing the fresh countryside taste found in the grasslands with the tradition of the gauchos (South American cowboys).

Our “Gaucho Squad” will customize a menu including delicious side dishes and the perfect wines.


Traditional Gaucho Grilling Style

We use a traditional gaucho grilling style. slow…, over wood & charcoal, grilled onsite from scratch- and carved in front of your guests creating an unforgettable ambiance and culinary experience.

Sustainable Meats

Our selection is the result of the search for the most natural, healthiest and nutritious meats mother earth can offer.

Master Grillers

Our “Gaucho Squad” Master Grillers will make sure that your meats are prepared to your preferrered cooking point on time.

Menu Selection

From the “grill classics” to the trendiest menu, we can make your grilling dreams come true.


What People are Saying

The top-notch meat

The star of the night, though, was definitely the meat. Once you’ve had grass-fed beef from Uruguay, there’s really no coming back.

Esther G.

“That smoky flavor”

“The strip steak and ribeye were delicious! I especially liked the hearty smoky flavor of the steaks (which was the result of wood chip grilling).”

Abbigail W.

“Excellent service”

Great beef and excellent, friendly, down-to-earth service. The staff was very attentive and genuinely wanted to know what you thought of the meat. It was delicious – very tender and flavorful.

Christian L.

“Fabulous food”

“I was astonished by the flavor, a deep rich beefy flavor that was absolutely delicious, different, yet familiar. The texture was a joy. Firm yet tender, juicy, every bite filling my mouth with more of that superb flavor.

Stanley F.



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