Alternative Techniques Class

We do more than grilling here at the Ranch. We are food lovers through and through, so for us these alternative techniques are just as exciting as grilling.
We’ll go over cooking methods like “Sous Vide” also known as “Low Temperature Long Time” (LTLT), or “Braising” which tenderizes tough cuts of meat to melt-in-your-mouth perfection.
We also discuss “Dry Aging” facts and myths and reasons you should use the popular “Reverse Searing” technique like better bark, more even cooking, more tender meat, etc.
Class available for up to 6 people.

Alternative Techniques Class details:
This Experience includes
-1 Grill Master: 3 hrs total service: 30 min prep, 2 hrs grilling, 30 min wrap up. (*Fee per extra hour: 50$)
-Grilling station: Grilling Tools including knives, cutting boards, towels, etc.
-Catering Utensils including tables, chairs, serving dishes, plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
-Gaucho Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef.
-Space set up and break down.
-Grilling Guide for you to keep.
-Curated Grill Master Accessories Set.
-Free Parking.
– Please allow 24 hrs for a member of the Gaucho Squad to get in touch with you.
– We are currently providing the Gaucho Ranch Grill Masters Experiences and Classes in South Florida.
– For any furniture rental needs, we’ll contact you if the number of guests exceeds 25 people.
– Free Parking available for +50 vehicles.
– All payments are fully refundable 48hrs before the event (Holidays NOT included)
– Please note that our services are subject to date availability therefore we need at least 10 DAYS NOTICE prior to the event. So book early!