bbq grill catering miami

Enjoying exquisite BBQs at your local events in Miami is not just a dream, it can come true if you have the best home delivery service and barbecue catering in Miami from your local Barbecuecatering service Gaucho Ranch Catering, where you can delight and enjoy the event with the best chefs.

Your number one priority when organizing an event, whether for business or family, is the guests, which is why we plan and organize our events in order to achieve the best results and maximize satisfaction for your guests. For this reason, the home delivery service of Gaucho Ranch Catering thinks about the well-being of all. We aim to provide a unique experience that will live long in the memory with delicious grass-fed meats served in the fabulous asado style common in Argentina.

What is included in the home grill service?

We take care of the fresh products, the assembly, preparation, and disassembly of the grills, and you just relax and enjoy. We have several barbecue catering options to cater to all tastes in the Miami area.

You will enjoy a delicious barbecue in the purest style and rich Argentine flavor. This ‘Asado’ service includes three hours of professional barbecue catering, stainless steel utensils and work tables, an Argentine grill, charcoal and/or firewood.

Enjoy different choices of dish for that special day to cater to all your guests

We provide a host of delicious options for that special day. These dishes include pasture-raised, grass-fed meats from our little river grill boutique such as Strip steaks, Skirt steaks, Picanha, Pasture-Raised chicken, short ribs, pork ribs, lamb, and seafood, among others.

Don’t worry about your vegetarian guests

If you have vegetarian guests you can have a combination of barbecues with vegetables and cheese. Our bbq catering service has passionate, dedicated grill professionals who excel in grilling peppers, asparagus, carrots, corn on the cob, onions, zucchini, potatoes, and any vegetables you want to add to please your guests.

And Don’t forget about the Sauce

One thing that cannot be underestimated in an Asado is that unique Argentine flavor and its famous sauces, which are essential in Argentine cuisine to accompany meats, roasted or grilled. You can opt for the Chimichurri sauce, this sauce is the great secret of the house.

You can also enjoy the delicious Provenzal Sauce whose main ingredients are garlic and fresh parsley. Also, you won’t be able to stop trying the Creole sauce, this is a traditional Argentine sauce that has tomato, peppers, and onion as a base ingredient, it is ideal for chicken and beef.

Be sure to request the home delivery services of Gaucho Ranch Catering. You will have an unforgettable experience and your guests will always thank you, you will see that they will be moments to remember that you will want to repeat. For this reason, Gaucho Ranch Catering always thinks about the well-being of its clients, don’t hesitate – book your barbecue catering event now.