Gaucho Grill Experience at your House

So you want to host a dinner party but don’t want to do the work? Our Grill Master can use your grill or we can bring ours, provide you just the beef or a full menu, accommodate 10 people or 1000!

Gaucho Grill Experience at your House details:
This Experience includes
-1 Grill Master: 6 hrs total service: 1 hr prep, 4 hrs grilling, 1 hr wrap up. (*Fee per extra hour: 40$)
-One grilling station. Carving and serving from the station only.
-Grilling Tools including knives, cutting boards, towels, etc.
-Proper attire for all staff.
-Gaucho Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef.
-Transportation Fee

– Please allow 24 hrs for a member of the Gaucho Squad to get in touch with you.
– For any furniture rental needs, we’ll contact you if the number of guests exceeds 25 people.
– We are currently providing the Gaucho Ranch Grill Masters Experiences in South Florida.
– Free Parking available for 50+ vehicles.
– All payments are fully refundable 48hrs before the event (Holidays NOT included)
– Please note that our services are subject to date availability therefore we need at least 10 DAYS NOTICE prior to the event. So book early!

Pre-Set Menu Options

Grass Fed & Organic Meats 
Grass fed & Organic Meats + Appetizers 
Grass fed & Organic Meats + Apps + Sides + Dessert 
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef 
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef + Appetizers 
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef + Appetizers + Sides + Dessert 

13 + 15 =



choose 3
– Skirt Steaks 100% Grass Fed, served in 2-3oz
portions or cut into bites.
– Ribeye Roast Organic & 100% Grass Fed
marinated in chimichurri, served in 2-3oz
portions or cut in bites.
– Organic Chicken Breasts and Thighs, cut in
small portions.
– Whole Tenderloin 100% Grass Fed, cut in
small portions.
– Picanha 100% Grass Fed, served in 2-3oz


choose 4
– Cowboy Steaks – New Zealand, served in
small portions.
– Porterhouse Steak – New Zealand, served in
small portions.
– Bone Marrow Butter, canoe cut bone
marrow served with mini baguette (One
bone per person).
– Lamb Tenderloins, served in small portions.
– Mahi Mahi Skewers, one per person. Served
with chimichurri and lemon juice.
– “Flintstones” Cowboy Steak, served in small


choose 3
– Wagyu Picanha, served in 2-3oz portions.
– Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, one 8oz steak per
– Wagyu Strip Steaks, served in small
– Wagyu Outside Skirt, served in 2-3oz
– Wagyu Australian Tomahawk Steak, served
in small portions.


choose 3
– Organic Pork Sausage bites, served on mini
baguette with chimichurri.
– Morcilla or Blood Sausage bites, served on a
polenta square with chimichurri.
– Sweetbreads bites, served with mini
baguette with chimichurri.
– Artisanal Burratina served with mixed
greens, cherry tomatoes and balsamic


choose 3
– Mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes
and balsamic vinaigrette.
– Quinoa Salad with mixed vegetables.
– Grilled Vegetables including zucchini,
eggplant, peppers, onions.
– Rice Salad with tomatoes, red and green
pepper, green onions and light aioli mayo.
– Russian Salad with potatoes, boiled eggs,
carrots, peas and light aioli mayo.


choose 1
– Bread Pudding with Rum and Raisins ice
– “On the Grill” Pineapple with Vanilla ice
cream and cinnamon and rum sauce.
– Seasonal Tropical Fruit Salad.