Catering is an important part of any successful event. Food and beverages can create a good ambience and ensure your guests leave your event with excellent memories. However, it can also scare them away from your future events. Make sure to choose the right caterer in your next event!



Enhance your guest experience

Everyone can agree that food and beverages can help you elevate your event and improve the overall guest experience. It can be a double-edged sword though. For instance, if serving good food, people will praise your event and will talk no-stop about the food with their friends and will be looking forward to your next event. But, if serving mediocre food, oh boy! Houston, we have a problem!!! Yes, everyone will talk about your event too, but no for the reasons you expected… And the path of recovery will be hard.


If you’re looking for catering services, but you’re lost or don’t know how to find the right caterer, we recommend you to consider these following criteria when hiring a caterer:


How interested are they in your event?

It’s not only up to you to make your event successful, your caterer can impact on the end result. For this reason, you should work closely with your caterer to ensure all of you are on the same page and they are invested in your event the same way as you. How do you measure its responsiveness? Well, are they asking questions to learn more about your event? Do they respond promptly to your email and calls?

If the answer is yes, these are a good sign that they want you to succeed with your event.


What type of catering services do they offer?

There are many catering services to choose from. However, not all of them are prepared to handle your event. There are various types of catering services such as wedding caterings, cooperate catering, buffet catering, food truck catering, office delivery catering and more. Each type is used to serve food in a different way. Therefore, we won’t recommend you to hire an office delivery catering company if planning a wedding. Ask the catering company what type of event they have catered previously.



Do they have a flexible menu?

When planning an event, menu flexibility is important. Why? You want all of your guests to have a great experience, right? This experience should include your food, even more when you’re using food as your entertainment too. But, not all your guests have the same preferences. And more important, some may have allergies or food restrictions. In this case, you need a caterer that offers flexibility on its menu. When hiring caterers for your event, ask them to show their creativity with off-the-menu items.



What does the food taste like?

You most likely try on clothes before buying them. So, it shouldn’t be different when hiring a caterer. The catering company may provide you already with beautiful pictures. But what is the problem with that? You won’t know how the food tastes until the day of the event. Therefore, make your potential caterer provide a tasting, so you don’t get any disappointment at your event.


Lastly but not least,


What other people are saying?

You want your caterer to deliver on its promises. One way to ensure how trusted the catering company is, is by checking its references. Ask around if your family and friends have worked with the caterer before. Furthermore, check online reviews too. We don’t want you to receive a big fail on the special day.



It’s time to plan your event!

We hope this article helps you to choose your caterer for your next event. Here at Gaucho Ranch Events & Catering Services, we have experienced chefs willing to make your event a success. Let us help you to create excellent memories for your guests. Our Master Grillers are happy to help you and answer any question. Contact us at (786) 300-8045 or email us at