When planning an event, there are many aspects you need to consider such as the budget, venue, entertainment, and more. But one important aspect is the food. It can elevate your event and improve the overall guest experience. Developing a good menu may sound a little bit overwhelming. You probably don’t know where to start. However, Gaucho Ranch Events & Catering is happy to help you. 

Here you will find the most important aspects you need to make the best menu for your event.



Next time you are planning a celebration consider the following: 

The Theme

A themed catering menu is one of the main aspects that catches your guests’ attention. Focus your party around a certain type of menu. Keep in mind the kind of experience you want to be remembered for. At Gaucho Ranch Events & Catering, we specialize in traditional grilling style – slow, over wood & charcoal, grilled onsite from scratch – and carved in front of your guests creating an unforgettable ambiance and culinary experience.


The Numbers

These are all the metrics you must take into consideration for building a great menu, so you can run your event smoothly without any surprises. 

  • Cost per Plate (Total Food Cost ÷ Total Guests Served)  
  • Cost per Person 
  • Number of Guests
  • Labor Hours 



The Restrictions

While creating the menu for your event, you should be aware of your guests’ preferences. Some may have allergies or food restrictions. In this case, you need to work very carefully and find a menu that can be adapted to everyone.


The Timeline

Developing a good menu can take a huge amount of your availability, and even more so if you are using the food as the main entertainment. Brainstorm about available menu options, so you have a better perspective of which one is the best for you. Then, contact the catering services so you can work together to find a menu that fits everyone. 



Once all of these bullet points are settled, you’re on the path to make your event a success! If you’re still struggling, give us a call. Our Grill Masters are always ready and willing to help you. Call us at 305.751.0775