wedding-catering-miamiGetting the Catering for Your Wedding right is a very important part of your big day.

Gaucho Ranch is synonymous with good barbecue, there is no doubt. If you are thinking of incorporating asadoas a wedding menu, we leave you with tips so that you know how to do it, what to accompany it with and how to calculate quantities.

If we say good meat, Grass-fed meat is what we mean. And since it is one of the traditional foods of South America, many couples decide to include the asado as part of their wedding menu. As it is a meal that takes a special time to prepare, you must take into account some factors. If you imagine a classic wedding, you can think of a typical wedding cake, a wedding dress suitable for outdoor use, and a hairdo that lasts throughout the dance. Ready for a barbecue?

Choose a Wedding Catering Expert in Miami – Gaucho Ranch Catering

Making a good Asado is not a task to be improvised or taken lightly Much less if it is to prepare it in large quantities. Taking this into account, it is recommended that you hire a Wedding Catering Service in Miami, who are complete professionals in this field. We will give you advice on what kind of meat to buy, and in what quantities. And of course, the delicious, unique food will come out on time and ready for your guests who won’t be able to stop talking about the Asado. 

Tips for the right amount of Food for you Wedding

Regarding this issue, there are a number of parameters. It is estimated that per adult guest at your wedding, you should buy a pound of meat, plus a chorizo or morcilla per person. It is a standard calculation that rarely fails. We would know, having catered many weddings in Miami. In addition, it must be taken into account that it is always accompanied by salads and bread, so these amounts are more than enough.

They can also include other types of meat, such as pork or chicken. This is already a personal decision and it depends on the taste of your guests. Finally, calculate that you will also enjoy an original wedding cake and a sweet table, so it is not necessary to abuse the quantities of meat. In this case, Quality is more important than quantity. Your wedding catering has to be as perfect as your wedding dress.

What should you accompany a good Asado with at your wedding?

Gaucho Ranch Catering also has a series of accompaniments that never fail. Of course, these will depend on the type of wedding you are going to have, but in general terms, the accompaniments that go very well are salads of all kinds, from the classic mixed to some more gourmet; some kind of rustic mashed or browned or grilled potatoes. And of course, you cannot miss is the bread, an inseparable duo!

How to serve the Asado?

This factor also depends, to a large extent, on the type of wedding you’ll have. If it will be something more formal, it would be preferable to have waiters who go table by table with a tray with already cut pieces and ask what each of the guests prefers.

If, on the other hand, you have a more relaxed outdoor wedding, they can place trays with the pieces of asado on each table, so that each person decides what they prefer. They can follow the same system for salads: self-service.

Also, and for the most demanding, you can ask the grill master to consider the various cooking options that exist, to please all your guests. Ideally, there won’t be too many different requests!

Think of those who do not eat meat at your wedding

Quite possibly, you will also have guests who do not eat meat (vegans or vegetarians). For them, you should contemplate some special options, such as plant-based burgers or non-dairy cheeses, beyond the salads that we will already serve. It is important to take these people into account so that no friend feels displaced or unimportant. Remember to ask for special menus when you send your wedding cards. You can forward these to your wedding caterers to stay on top of everything.

Wedding catering is one of the most important factors to consider. For this reason, and especially if you decide to serve barbecue (asado), pay attention to the items we have discussed above. When this box is already ticked, you can focus on other details, such as wedding souvenirs, or think about what type of bridal hairstyle goes best with your wedding outfit!

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