Gaucho Grill Experience at the Ranch

This is a stress-free option.
We set up the space Gaucho Ranch style, the Grill Master will fire up the grills, prepare and serve the food, provide the staff and the best part, we break it all down so that the only thing you are left to do is
show up hungry!

Gaucho Grill Experience at the Ranch details:
This Experience includes
-1 Grill Master: 6 hrs total service: 1 hr prep, 4 hrs grilling, 1 hr wrap up. (*Fee per extra hour: 40$)
-One grilling station. Carving and serving from the station only.
-Grilling Tools including knives, cutting boards, towels, etc.
-Catering Utensils including tables, chairs, serving dishes, plates, silverware, napkins, etc.
-Proper attire for all staff.
-Gaucho Ranch 100% Grass Fed Beef.
-Space set up and break down.

– Please allow 24 hrs for a member of the Gaucho Squad to get in touch with you.
– For any furniture rental needs, we’ll contact you if the number of guests exceeds 25 people.
– We are currently providing the Gaucho Ranch Grill Masters Experiences in South Florida.
– Free Parking available for 50+ vehicles.
– All payments are fully refundable 48hrs before the event (Holidays NOT included)
– Please note that our services are subject to date availability therefore we need at least 10 DAYS NOTICE prior to the event. So book early!

Pre-Set Menu Options
Grass Fed & Organic Meats
Grass fed & Organic Meats + Appetizers
Grass fed & Organic Meats + Apps + Sides + Dessert
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef + Appetizers
Specialty Cuts or Wagyu Beef + Appetizers + Sides + Dessert

2 + 13 =



choose 3
– Skirt Steaks 100% Grass Fed, served in 2-3oz
portions or cut into bites.
– Ribeye Roast Organic & 100% Grass Fed
marinated in chimichurri, served in 2-3oz
portions or cut in bites.
– Organic Chicken Breasts and Thighs, cut in
small portions.
– Whole Tenderloin 100% Grass Fed, cut in
small portions.
– Picanha 100% Grass Fed, served in 2-3oz


choose 4
– Cowboy Steaks – New Zealand, served in
small portions.
– Porterhouse Steak – New Zealand, served in
small portions.
– Bone Marrow Butter, canoe cut bone
marrow served with mini baguette (One
bone per person).
– Lamb Tenderloins, served in small portions.
– Mahi Mahi Skewers, one per person. Served
with chimichurri and lemon juice.
– “Flintstones” Cowboy Steak, served in small


choose 3
– Wagyu Picanha, served in 2-3oz portions.
– Wagyu Ribeye Steaks, one 8oz steak per
– Wagyu Strip Steaks, served in small
– Wagyu Outside Skirt, served in 2-3oz
– Wagyu Australian Tomahawk Steak, served
in small portions.


choose 3
– Organic Pork Sausage bites, served on mini
baguette with chimichurri.
– Morcilla or Blood Sausage bites, served on a
polenta square with chimichurri.
– Sweetbreads bites, served with mini
baguette with chimichurri.
– Artisanal Burratina served with mixed
greens, cherry tomatoes and balsamic


choose 3
– Mixed greens salad with cherry tomatoes
and balsamic vinaigrette.
– Quinoa Salad with mixed vegetables.
– Grilled Vegetables including zucchini,
eggplant, peppers, onions.
– Rice Salad with tomatoes, red and green
pepper, green onions and light aioli mayo.
– Russian Salad with potatoes, boiled eggs,
carrots, peas and light aioli mayo.


choose 1
– Bread Pudding with Rum and Raisins ice
– “On the Grill” Pineapple with Vanilla ice
cream and cinnamon and rum sauce.
– Seasonal Tropical Fruit Salad.