We know that summertime is for grilling. To get the best of grilling, we want to teach you 10 ways you can improve your steak, so every steak that you eat counts. 


1.Glassed and Suffused

The holy grail of steak is to get a deep brown and caramelized exterior because that’s where the mouthwatering and complex flavors are. However, you can make it even better by brushing an already-seared piece of meat with a heady glaze while it finishes cooking. As the steak gets flipped and brushed, flipped and brushed, that salty-sticky-sweet lacquer hardens in layers to create a savory crust.

2.Quality Counts

The quality of your meat depends on where it comes from and how it was raised. Although pasture-raised meats aren’t cheap, they have a good pay off. At Gaucho Ranch Grill Boutique, we’re proud to offer 100% grass-fed and pasture-raised meat. You can order your favorite meat cut here (https://gauchoranch.com/product-category/grass-fed-beef/steaks/) We also have available pick-up service and free delivery for orders $50+


3. Salt It Like You Mean It

Don’t make the mistake of under seasoning the steak. A good steak has fat on it. Thus, the fattier a piece of meat is, the more salt it needs. Don’t be afraid of salt. Add it like you mean it. For thicker cuts, we recommend seasoning with sea salt flakes after slicing too.

4. Steak Sauce Is Back!

A steak sauce is key to take your steak to the next level. A steak sauce gives a sweet, salty, tart and umami flavor to your red meat. A good steak sauce has Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, kosher salt, balsamic vinegar, extra-virgin olive oil, dijon mustard, honey and ketchup.

5. A Cut for All Seasons

The overall steak winner is the skirt steak. Why? It’s flavorful, not too expensive, and easy to cook. You cannot lose with a skirt steak. Here, we have a variety of grass-fed skirt steaks for you (https://gauchoranch.com/?post_type=product&s=STEAK)

6. Two Zone or Bust 

It’s important that while grilling you set up two-zone fire. For charcoal grills that means piling up the coals to one side of the grill; for gas grills it means cranking the burners on one side and leaving the others off. This provides flexibility in terms of cooking temperatures, creating one area for searing and one for gentle cooking but also establishing a safe place to move meat in case of flare-ups.

7. Give It a Rest

Allow your steak to rest after grilling. This helps the juice to redistribute and the internal temperature to even out. The best way to rest the steak is on a wire rack which facilitates air circulation and helps preserve that crust.

8. More Surface Area, More Flavor

The crispy parts and charred edges of the steak are the best part of a grilled meat. To get more of these on your next steak, we recommend to make deep slashes along both sides of the meat before marinating and grilling.

9. Pork Is Steak Too

So far, we’ve been referring to beef steak as the only choice. However, pork is steak too! You can enjoy a well piece of steak from a marbled pork shoulder. Pork shoulders are flavorful, more sustainable, and affordable. It’s a summer grilling MVP. Cannot find pork shoulder steaks? Just ask your butcher to take an even, compact hunk of Boston butt and slice it against the grain into ¾”- to 1″-thick slabs. Ta-da—pork steaks!

10. Porterhouse Rules

To get a good seared piece of meat, we recommend to grill it at high temperature, and don’t mess with it until it’s the right color. However, when it comes to thicker steaks like the Porterhouse, it’s better to follow chef Christina Lecki’s recommendation, she keeps the steak in moving while it’s on the grill. The constant repositioning of the meat to the fire ensures that the strip side gets most of the heat while the tenderloin stays protected, and the plattered steak looks like a marvelous meaty magic trick.


That’s it! These are the 10 ways you can improve your grilling steak. Now, it’s your turn to put your hands to work, and grill some steaks for you and your family. Find your favorite meat cuts at our Gaucho Ranch Grill Boutique.