Event planning can be an overwhelming task and even more when you’re on a tight budget. However, this does not mean that events with a small budget can be less memorable than those with a huge budget.


Be Organized

When it comes to event planning, one key element is to be organized! Here, we are going to teach you how to plan your next event in the most efficient way by following this checklist.


Set up your event budget

Before thinking about the location, decorations, music, and food, you should have an event budget. Determine your total event budget and prepare a spreadsheet to track your costs. This will help you to keep costs under control and avoid last-minute surprises.


Secure your venue

After deciding how much money you are willing to spend, you must pick your venue. Most professional event planners choose their venue before they make other purchases or commit to other vendors. Why? renting a venue can take a big chunk of your budget, so be wise in your decision. Plus, make sure what else is included in the price like the staff? decorations? valet parking? food?


Pick your entertainment/speaker and activities

Do you need a music band, DJ or a keynote speaker? Depending on the type of event and venue, your entertainment will vary. Great entertainment will create buzz and encourage people to attend your event. Like your venue, entertainment can be costly. But remember, this is one of the highlights of any event. Don’t be afraid to splurge on a little bit on this.


Pick your food and beverages

Who’s going to cater to your event? Some venues include food on their price. If the venue you choose doesn’t give you that option, you need to select food vendors. Most caterers provide price per guest. Remember to include speakers and anyone else who is part of your event. Food and beverages can help to elevate your event and improve the guest experience. Hint: Food can be served as entertainment too.


Free Gifts

Another smart way to be remembered is by handing out small tokens like pens, keychains, tote bags. Oriental Trading is an excellent website if you are looking for personalized gifts and decorations for the event.


Go digital

Don’t waste money on hard copy invites. Save money and trees by sending evites. Limit the printing to the essential. Greetings Island, Smilebox and Paperless Post are good options to create your invitations.


Be flexible and creative

Don’t get fixated on the idea that everything has to be perfect. Remind yourself, you are on a budget. Take a look at your spreadsheet and prioritize your expenses! What do you want to be remembered for? The entertainment? the food? Then, is there anything you can do to lower the cost? maybe DIY decorations? is disposable tableware acceptable? It might not be the exact thing you want to, but it gets the job done!


It’s time to plan your event!

We hope this checklist helps you when planning your next event. Here at Gaucho Ranch Events & Catering Services, we have an array of experiences adaptable to any budget and possible venues to choose from. Let us help you to make your event a success. Our Master Grillers are happy to help you and answer any question. Contact us at (786) 300-8045 or email us at info@gauchoranchcatering.com