Everyday people’s concern about eating healthy food grows, but they are still looking for a premium and succulent meat that doesn’t come from an animal-abusing, earth-polluting factory farm. And that’s where grass-fed meat truly shines. Grass-fed meat is unique because of its distinctive flavour in every cut and its high value protein contain. This is the reason why grass-fed demand has doubled in the recent years. However, it is still rare to find in supermarkets.

But, what grass-fed really means?

First of all, you need to know that all cattles are grass-fed at some point in their lives, but the difference relies on the finishing. Most of the cattles are grain finished for a quicker fattening. Around 95% of US cattles are finished on rations that include food waste, silage and grains in feedlots known as concentrated animal feeding operations. Only the 5% remaining remain in pastures for a full grass-fed diet. The reason for this tremendous difference is that grain-finished cattles are going through feedlots and are slaughtered at 14-16 months, while grass-finished cows are slaughtered anywhere between 18-36 months, which can make the caring of the animals expensive for farmers and consumers.

But is the wait really worth it?

Absolutely! Most chefs and health specialists recommend switching to grass-fed meat because of its higher protein content, lower environment impact and extra omega-3. The reason behind this is when cattle eat only native forages, they upcycle the nutrients, including omega 3 essential fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid, and antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamin E. Not only that, but grass-fed cattle graze. Since they’re not in feedlots, they get regular exercise that results in leaner, firmer beef. They also spend their lives living, roaming around the green pastures. As we like to say, a happy cow is a tasty cow.

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